For many SMMEs, employees and students, this festive season was not at all pleasant. This is as a result of the Covid-19 vaccine mandate policies introduced by certain ‘monopolies’ which, in the days and months ahead, will place these categories of citizens and SMMEs under severe pressure. 

These ‘monopolies’, which are leading the way, and setting an example in introducing a style of intolerant industrial relations and business-to-business bullying, never experienced before, is the subject of this communique.

The dilemma these SMMEs and individuals is facing is a result of these ‘monopolies’ (and recently also universities) simply taking it upon themselves to force their will upon others, in defiance of the Constitution, fundamental inalienable individual liberties and the unique operational demands of other businesses – in many cases their service providers:

  • employees have to subject themselves to a certain medical treatment, even against their will, or face losing their jobs; and
  • service providers (sub-contractors) are told that, unless they comply with the ‘monopoly’s’ demands regarding this medical intervention, in respect of some or all of their staff, the sub-contractor will lose its contract, leaving the sub-contractor in the terrible predicament where it is compelled to act unlawfully and immorally, simultaneously carrying all the legal exposure which accompanies these actions.

Why do these ‘monopolies’ persist with this arrogant ‘gestapo’ style conduct? Perhaps, first of all, because they ‘can’ – at least in their own estimation. They are so powerful in their own eyes that they have lost any sense of the principles and views treasured by individuals, and the operational demands and constraints faced by other businesses, in particular their sub-contractors.

These monopolies have become so detached from the realities and struggles of ordinary individuals and SMMEs, that they now treat them with contempt, with a total disregard for their principles, views and operational realities.

Not only do these ‘monopolies’ regard themselves as being above the law, but their overwhelming financial superiority causes their actions to be uncontestable, at least for now. How can an SMME (a service provider), an employee or a student take on one of these super-powerful ‘monopolies’? However, at some point, these ‘monopolies’ will, somehow, be held accountable for their arrogance.

Since the popular Covid-19 ‘science’ is widely disputed, and current events indicate that the once popular narrative is not rendering the required result, why do these ‘monopolies’, not only continue with this inhumane approach, but even double down on it?

The answer may lie in a mix between raw arrogance, abuse of power, lack of leadership (simply following the popular narrative), lack of knowledge, unfounded fear, ignorance, and, last but not least, conflicts of interest.

However, and regardless of the reasoning, this bullying can no longer be tolerated. This power grab, on various levels, is posing a severe threat to societal stability and freedom. The demands these ‘monopolies’ recklessly impose on their workers and other businesses (SMMEs) have to be challenged.

Acceding to the demands of a bully, in order to buy yourself time, is similar to that of ‘an appeaser’, who, according to Winston Churchill, “is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping that it will eat you last”.

NEASA is passionate about business. Our mission is entirely committed to championing the cause of business, to empower and guide business through a hostile and complex business- and industrial relations landscape.

However, when a ‘monopoly’ turns on its own workers and SMMEs (even their own service providers), as is currently the case; when their conduct is unconstitutional and constitutes everything that is anti-business, anti-freedom, anti-workforce, in fact, anti-everything that is good for a free and fair society, then that conduct falls outside of NEASA’s mission; then that business can no longer rely on our support and we will instinctively support the underdog.

NEASA is therefore positioned directly in opposition to these ruthless ‘monopolies’, a position from where it will defend the rights of businesses, employees, or any other individual being bullied or whose constitutional freedoms are threatened by these ‘monopolies’ and/or the State.

Within the mandate scenario, employees are left defenceless, punished for doing nothing wrong, other than claiming their constitutional rights. NEASA does so simply because, in the words of John F. Kennedy, “the rights of every man are diminished when the rights of one man are threatened”.

G.C. Papenfus
Chief Executive

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