Volvo inspires driver gear collection

Award-winning truck designs

The signature piece in the driver gear collection inspired by Volvo Trucks' designs is the 'driver performance watch'.

The award-winning design of Volvo Trucks’ new long haul truck, the Volvo FH, has inspired a whole collection of driver gear. The signature piece is the 'driver performance watch', which incorporates design cues from the new truck.

The innovative design of the new Volvo FH, which was launched in September last year, is the result of years of creative work. It has gone on to win the world's most sought-after seal of design quality, the prestigious Red Dot Award for design excellence.

The designers at the Volvo studio come from a wide variety of design disciplines but the design process at Volvo Trucks always takes the same basic approach, explains Asok George, chief designer exterior at Volvo Trucks.  

"Once we have chosen a concept, we work with our colleagues from different parts of the company and with different competencies to make sure the product is designed in the best possible way. If it is a truck, engineered to drive, and if it is something else, then maybe engineered to wear," he says.      

This collaboration between Volvo Trucks' designers and engineers has now been applied to a collection of drivers' gear known as the  "Volvo Trucks driver gear Travis". The collection's signature piece, the 'driver performance watch', has been designed by Patrik Palovaara, senior designer at Volvo Trucks' design studio in Gothenburg.

"The design of a watch should make a clear statement. The 'driver performance watch' is a watch that communicates pride. You are proud of your truck and you are proud of your watch, it is the subject of conversation," says Palovaara.

The watch design has been inspired by elements from the new Volvo truck, such as the pattern of the truck's interior and the signature Volvo fonts in the truck's instrument cluster. The watch's proportions and the way it sits on the wrist has also been designed to give the watch a stance reminiscent of the new Volvo FH.

"The brief was to create a collection linked to the launch of our new FH. The challenge for us was to capture the feeling of the truck, not just copy the design but find our own ways of interpreting it", Palovaara says. Whatever the product, the user is always at the centre in order to create good design.

"Whatever the product, you need to identify real problems and solve them to make good design and put the user at the centre, not just design for the sake of it. It is about doing your homework. For a design to work, the form and practical details need to come together", Palovaara explains.

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