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With UD Trucks’ ability to adapt means that the future of the brand is bright


Gert Swanepoel, acting vice president of UD Trucks Southern Africa said, “Underpinning this is the stability of balanced product and support offerings which are founded on our Japanese heritage of quality, engineering and progressive product to complement our customers’ unique business requirements. This, combined with the in-depth knowledge and expertise of the UD Trucks dealer network, provides customers with access to a sustainable all-round transport solution provider.”

One of the ways in which UD Trucks is embracing innovation is through its telematics system which was introduced as part of the UD Quester range in March 2015. This technology has already had a profound impact on the profitability, uptime and security of some major UD fleets in the country. Reports from customers whose vehicles were recovered after being hijacked, are cementing the value and peace of mind that this feature provides.

Apart from vehicle tracking, UD Quester’s telematics system monitors the heartbeat of the truck as it provides real-time positioning, information on preventative maintenance and has assisted Fleet Managers in breakdown or theft situations.

A further benefit is Quester’s built-in fuel coaching system, which constantly monitors the performance of the driver in real time. This system keeps the driver informed of the truck’s current fuel consumption and if they are driving at the optimum speed and gear in order to ensure the best efficiency. Fuel Coach is also able to advise the driver which corrective action to take in order to get back into the so-called sweet spot of performance.

“Recognising that a truck driver is any fleet owner’s most valuable asset. UD Trucks therefore offer product-specific driver training to ensure that customers get the best fuel efficiency, productivity, safety and uptime from their UD fleet,” said Swanepoel.

UD Trucks’ passion is to make fleet owners’ working day simpler and more productive, whether they are in long haul, construction, public amenities or mining. It is about cutting fuel costs, maximising uptime, and giving fleet owners quick dependable paybacks that will ultimately increase profitability.

As one of the region’s leading truck manufacturers, UD Trucks Southern Africa is driven by its vision of being professional, passionate and dependable in everything they do. Most importantly, UD Trucks believe their local customers profit from the vast industry knowledge and expertise inherent in their dealer network.

“There are many UD Trucks team members who have been with the brand not just for years, but for decades. This fact speaks of the immense depth of expertise, experience and innate knowledge present within the dealer network,” said Swanepoel. “Over the years, these dealerships have also become an integral part of their respective communities and supported numerous projects and charities in their areas – to the benefit of the larger community.”

The company is constantly developing, strengthening and training our already comprehensive regional network of 65 dealers across southern and eastern Africa. Represented all along the major routes and trade corridors across the region, UD Trucks Southern Africa is able to provide a speedy response, knowledgeable technical advice and service, as well as ultimately dependable trucks that get the job done.”

“Buying a truck is a big investment and responsibility, and for this reason you need a transport partner that is serious about effective service delivery. At UD Trucks we understand all the complexities involved in today’s transport industry, and we therefore are able to offer fleet owners complete solutions, no matter the size of their operations,” said Swanepoel.
Apart from vehicle tracking, UD Quester’s telematics system monitors the heartbeat of the truck as it provides real-time positioning

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