Scania staffer gets Porsche honour

Research in vehicle engineering

Dr Magnus MackAldener, head of fluid and emission treatment at Scania and the awardee of the Professor Ferdinand Porsche Prize this year.
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Dr Magnus MackAldener, head of fluid and emission treatment at Scania, has been awarded the Professor Ferdinand Porsche Prize for outstanding research in vehicle engineering.

He receives the award for development of an advanced exhaust after-treatment system.

The system enabled Scania as early as spring 2011 to unveil Euro six-compliant engines.

The new emission standard will be introduced at the end of the year.  

“I am very proud to be one of the engineers in the international vehicle industry who have been awarded this distinguished prize. It is a recognition of Scania’s prominent position in engine development and the result of successful teamwork, which I have had the privilege of participating in,” says MackAldener. 

Scania’s exhaust after-treatment system uses oxidation catalysts, particulate filters and selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technologies to remove the nitrogen oxide (NOx) and particulate emissions from the exhaust gases remaining after combustion in the engine.

This system has been built into a compact silencer and therefore provides more space for other equipment and payload. 

“We started developing the system about five years ago.

"These efforts have resulted in a robust and reliable system that lives up to our customers’ strict demands when it comes to quality and performance,” states MackAldener. 

MackAldener, who was born in 1970, joined Scania in 1997 after completing a MSc degree at the Royal Institute of Technology inStockholm.

He has been working at Scania’s research and development organisation ever since his first managerial appointment in 2001.

In 2001, he earned a PhD in the field of machine elements, solid mechanics.

Since 2010, he has been head of the unit at 'engine development' responsible for developing Scania’s exhaust after-treatment system. 

The Professor Ferdinand Porsche Prize was established in 1977 by Louise Piëch, daughter of Ferdinand Porsche.

The prize money amounts to R671 507. The prize award ceremony is held every two years at the Vienna University of Technology.

The university is also in charge of the task of nominating candidates in consultation with Porsche AG and members of the Porsche-Piëch family. 

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