Protest action on the N2 reached a new and unacceptable level

Protest action on the N2 reached a new and unacceptable level


PROTEST action on the N2 reached a new and unacceptable level yesterday morning says the Cape Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

We have no problems with democratic protests, but when a main route into the City is blocked and people are prevented from going to work then it is no longer a protest but at economically damaging action,” said Ms Janine Myburgh, President of the Chamber. 

She said the people most affected were workers who could not afford to lose a day’s wages and businesses which provided the jobs and kept the economy going. “This kind of violent, disruptive action is self-defeating. If protesters want better service delivery they should protest to the authorities responsible for the services and not to the public. Many of those affected are also victims of poor service.

The Chamber was also concerned about the decision of the authorities to close the road. “Their job is open the road and keep the traffic flowing. Simply telling people to take alternative routes is no solution. The N2 is a major access route and it must be kept open. To close it simply gives in to the demonstrators.”
The N2 connected a major industrial area with the City and the port and keeping it open should be a major priority.

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