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Boss Hoss breaks out in Africa


Boss Hoss Cycles is an American motorcycle manufacturer, founded in 1990 and based in Dyersburg, Tennessee. The company manufactures special high-performance motorcycles and trikes equipped with V8 engines, produced by Chevrolet, ranging in size from 350 cubic inches (5.7 litres) to 502 cubic inches (8.2 litres), equipped with semi-automatic transmissions, making them by far the most powerful motorcycles in the world. The customer base of such motorcycles, are on average, individuals that own super-cars such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, McClaren and Pagani, and luxury cars such as Rolls Royce, Bentley, and Maybach.

Peter Letsoalo, Peter Matsose and Craig Langton are Partners and Master Licensors of the Boss Hoss Brand within the South African Development Community. The trio have a passion for motorsports and motorcycling. “We come from various backgrounds and industries, but we had one thing in common—that is the introduction of a high end motorcycling brand in Africa,” Matsose says. The company is called Boss Hoss Africa, which will focus on introducing the Boss Hoss brand in Africa and growing a network of dealerships across the African Continent. Motorcycling is often misconstrued as a rough and muddy lifestyle, and that it didn’t have a high end market. The trio understands the motorcycling world, and felt that they needed to cater for the extremely niche, high-end market. Their partnership is built on that principle.

How did your individual education, careers and invaluable skills prepare you to eventually fulfil your current role?

Peter Letsoalo is the founder of Lurco Business. He’s an entrepreneur who sits on various private company boards or advising companies operating in management consulting, renewable energy, information and communication technology and engineering. He is a doctoral candidate basing his thesis on conveying financial products, including insurance, funding and banking via a distributed ledger system. Some of the companies that Letsoalo is a partner to operate offices in some parts of the South African Development Community. This made sense for Letsoalo to apply for a license from Boss Hoss that covered the entire SADC area. Peter was awarded the Exclusive Boss Hoss distribution license and to be the Master Licensor. He first strategically brought in Matsose and then recently Langton, as shareholding partners based on their experiences in various facets of sales, management and strategy.

Peter Matsose is a founder and Director of Peo Information Technologies. He is a diligent individual who completed his Bachelor of Commerce Honours degree in Accounts and Auditing at Unisa. He has more than 15 years’ experience as a businessman—an entrepreneurial management strategist having worked with the market leaders of ICT industries including senior position at Dell and HP. Matsose’s strengths lie in building sales teams that are focused, driven and confident in the area of enterprise solution selling, as well as channel and business development in South Africa. His experiences and skills cover strategic general management, channel management, marketing, communications, key accounts management, consulting, professional services and business development at both senior management and executive levels.

Craig Langton is the co-founder of Cayenne Kyalami, and the founder of South Africa’s leading pre-owned motorcycle dealer, Fire It Up. He has been in the motorcycle trade industry for many years. Craig is well known in the motorcycle industry, and has acquired the importer rights for MV Augusta in South Africa. He has grown Fire It Up to even secure a partnership deal with the Legacy Hotels Group. This is the leading owner, manager and developer of luxury hotels, game lodges and residences in Africa. Legacy prides itself on offering guests a collection of Africa’s most exclusive and unforgettable four and five-star hotels, resorts and bush lodges. Some of the lush Hotels under the group include The Michelangelo Towers, Da Vinci Hotel Suites, and The Leonardo in Sandton City Johannesburg. “Craig has amassed a customer book of an exclusive clientele, which is what the Boss Hoss brand will be positioned at. His partnership with the Legacy Hotel Group, also cements that,” says Letsoalo. “It made perfect business sense for us to bring about a partner such as Craig Langton into this venture,” adds Matsose.

What are some of the unique challenges that a business such as yourself may face and how can you overcome those hurdles?

“Well, the motorcycle industry and lifestyle is not that much different from the traditional motoring industry. However, motorcycles are seen more as a leisure product than a necessity,” Langton says. “True, even some riders believe that motorcycles shouldn’t be as expensive as they are now. What most people dont understand is that motorcycles, much like cars can belong or serve various purposes. Some serve a functional role and some a lifestyle leisure role. Now we take the lifestyle role to its max by providing the highest end motorcycles. A Rolls Royce equivalent of a motorcycle if you will,” adds Matsose. “The issue with high end market products is that they are niche based. People can spend very handsomely on a car, but may have a cap in spending on a motorcycle. This compels us to first acquire a book of high end customers, educate them on the brand and walk along with them on how the brand is supposed to be consumed,” Letsoalo says.

Boss Hoss offers motorcycle to high end customers. What else differentiates Boss Hoss from other premium motorcycle brands?

“Boss Hoss Africa will offer endless customisation of these motorcycles to their clientele. No two Boss Hoss will be the same and seen in the same country. The motorcycles will be assembled by hand, once again proving that attention to detail will be mandatory standard from our technicians,” says Matsose. “Customers can choose from a variety of unique colour schemes and personalised high end customisations. Boss Hoss Africa will even have create a high roller’s club with a variety of benefits for their members,” says Langton. Since the motorcycles come with unique V8 engines, semi-automatic transmission and a reverse gear, they can give the same power output as a Rolls Royce Wraith, Bentley Continental GT, Mercedes S65 AMG, Aston Martin DBS Superleggera, Ferrafi Superfast and even a Bugatti Veyron. These are kilowatts (kW) outputs ranging between 400 kW and 1300 kW. Though these cars are some of the fasted in the world, commercially available, speed is not necessarily the primary feature with most of them. “Power, Presence, Niche and Regal are the principal features. Boss Hoss motorcycles are synonymous with the very same principles as these cars. There’s a saying that you don’t mount a Boss Hoss, but you come onboard,” concludes Letsoalo.

What are some of the long and short term goals for the Company?

“Potential customers can start engaging the relationship representatives of Boss Hoss Africa and Fire it Up, to understand more about the brand and start placing customised orders. Boss Hoss motorcycles are highly customised, so clients will see only a limited number of them on showroom floors,” says Langton. The brand may have a slow start in the beginning, but is expected to grow exponentially. The opportunity for an African wide distributions seems to be eminent. “The long term opportunity to open an assembly operation in South Africa also exists. This assembly plant can possibly feed the consumption of the brand in all of Africa and the Middle East,” concludes Matsose.

What is the future of Boss Hoss Africa?

“Our agreement with Boss Hoss is that Boss Hoss Africa will eventually acquire the Sub-Saharan exclusive distribution. The conditions of the agreement have been agreed upon by ourselves and Boss Hoss itself,” says Matsose. “In order to grow exponentially in Africa, the brand will eventually require capital assistance from potential investors. There will be a prospectus for potential investors that are interested in investing in the brand,” says Langton. “We are here to grow the brand in Africa and we believe that we literally have a blank canvas in shaping the landscape of the high end motorcycle market in Africa,” Letsoalo concludes.

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