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A new regional trade route will be opened between Namibia and the DRC
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A new regional trade route reaching from the Katanga Province in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) all the way to Walvis Bay as point of entry, is on the radar of the Walvis Bay Corridor Group (WBCG), following an agreement between Namibia and the DRC.

The Namibia Economist reports that development of this major link started its first tentative steps recently when the Corridor Group opened an office in Lubumbashi, on the border of the DRC and Zambia.

The Corridor Group said last week it had opened this office in Lubumbashi to create a strong business presence in mineral-rich Katanga.

Presentations on the importance and benefits of a trade route from Walvis Bay to the Congo were done by Christian Faure, WBCG executive for marketing and strategic business development, and by its CEO Johny Smith.

These presentations focused on the advantages of utilising the Walvis Bay corridors, with special emphasis on the Walvis Bay-Ndola-Lubumbashi development corridor.

The office in Lubumbashi, DRC is now the third branch office of the WBCG beyond Namibia, with the other branch offices in Lusaka, Zambia since 2005 and Johannesburg, South Africa in operation since 2008.

The WBCG has been hosting the Walvis Bay-Ndola-Lubumbashi Development Corridor Technical Committee, which is a public-private partnership between the governments of the DRC, Namibia and Zambia to address the bottlenecks that impede the flow of traffic along this trade route using the Port of Walvis Bay.


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