Most start winding down at 50, Gedore is just getting warmed up


After 50 years Gedore South Africa continues to produce quality hand tools with a lifetime guarantee.

The Gedore Group was founded in 1919 by three brothers who started the manufacture of hand tools from their family home in Remscheid, Germany. From this small homestead in Remscheid the company has grown into a multinational organisation which, in addition to South Africa, has manufacturing operations in Germany, Austria, United Kingdom and Brazil. The company remains family owned and is represented and sold on every continent in the world.

Over 40 years after the inception of the company, Gedore arrived in Africa, to take advantage of the industrialisation of South Africa and the onset of vehicle assembly plants. Gedore Tools South Africa was established in New Germany, KwaZulu-Natal in 1965 by Omnitool GmbH (representing Gedore Germany) and local shareholder HW Schmidt Industrials (Pty) Ltd. The company has since become a 100% subsidiary of Omni-Tool GmbH.

The introduction of hot forged, German engineered hand tools into the South African market would prove to revolutionise the industry, from small business practice to large enterprises. In the early days of production all the forgings were imported from Germany and machined and plated locally. However, the introduction of the drop forging hammers enabled Gedore South Africa to increase production and the range with the use of locally procured steel.  Today, Gedore is the leading supplier of hand tools to the South African industrial sector while also distributing to markets in Africa, Europe, Australia and Brazil.

For 50 years Gedore Tools South Africa has been hot forging and manufacturing quality hand tools which come with a lifetime guarantee. Time and time again, professionals, tradesman and “the man in the street” have chosen Gedore for their unrivalled quality and value for money. During this half-century, Gedore have continued to dedicate their time to maintaining exceptional standards and quality.

This strategy, together with the quest for supplying superior product quality, gave the company a sustainable competitive advantage which has allowed it to become South Africa’s leading supplier of quality tools.  The association with the holding company in Germany has allowed Gedore Tools SA to benchmark its quality, products and processes with international standards and today the brand name Gedore is synonymous with superior quality, innovation and technology.

Choose from a wide variety of Gedore Tools and ensure that no matter how many years pass, your tools never let you down. For lifelong customer satisfaction, choose Gedore.

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