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Volvo Trucks celebrates love

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Is it possible to give a truck human traits? Or elicit feelings that people can relate to when seeing a truck? How can a truck be seen as anything else but a piece of machinery that moves? These questions were successfully answered in a campaign that Volvo Trucks South Africa launched on its Facebook page on Valentine’s Day.

“Often there are negative perceptions regarding trucks, however, trucks play a vital role in the daily lives of South Africans – especially when you consider that most goods used whether perishable or not are transported on a truck. This presented us with a challenge to make trucks a little more human,” says Valentia Hobbs, General Manager, Marketing and Communication, Volvo Trucks South Africa.

To address this Volvo Trucks South Africa launched the aptly called campaign ‘Love, Volvo Trucks’ on 14 February. With this campaign Volvo Trucks shows the important role that trucks play in everybody’s day-to-day life by showcasing various scenarios where the focus is not on the truck and its features but rather on what the truck is carrying, day to day items that forms part of people’s lives.

We hope that the “Love, Volvo Trucks” campaign resonates with people and stays in their memory to remind them about the important roles that trucks play in our daily lives.

To be a part of the “Love, Volvo Trucks” campaign visit Volvo Trucks South Africa .

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