Cameras boost road safety


These findings were taken from an analysis of 2 000 commercial vehicles using Intelligent Telematics’s IT1000 camera solution over a six month period, which also found that as well as actually preventing accidents from happening, the cost of those that did occur were 27% less as a result of instant intervention.

Commenting on the findings, Nick Plowman, CTO of Intelligent Telematics said: “We are seeing multiple benefits from using a 3G vehicle camera, which are helping fleets to operate more responsibly while at the same time reducing overheads.

“The 3G cameras are not only preventing incidents and discouraging other road users from making fraudulent or inflated claims, but when an accident does happen the footage is available from the scene within seconds so first notification of loss is helping achieve substantial insurance claim cost savings.”

The HD video footage, g-force and speed of impact data from the 3G vehicle camera can be accessed quickly and effectively online to prove blame, increase speed of intervention and assist policyholders.

With instant intervention using first notification of loss, companies can better manage and take control of the claims handling process to help avoid excessive third-party hire and repair costs as well as prevent incitement of some injury claims.

Meanwhile, the analysis found that 65% of the accidents recorded were in fact avoidable, highlighting a clear opportunity to improve fleet safety levels through improved and targeted driver engagement. With this in mind, companies are increasingly using the information provided by the vehicle cameras to pro-actively improve driver behaviour.

By capturing footage of near misses and poor driving incidents, in addition to actual collisions, it is now possible to identify high risk employees and those that would benefit from driver training.

“Vehicle cameras have historically offered a reactive solution, recording footage to an in-vehicle SD card in the event of an accident,” explains Plowman. “However, the introduction of 3G devices is enabling us to work closely with clients to implement a proactive and preventative solution that is achieving measurable improvements in terms of accident and cost reduction, while supporting ongoing Duty of Care strategies.”

The IT 1000 3G vehicle camera is the most sophisticated vehicle camera solution currently available boasting unrivalled accuracy and technology that is sixteen times more powerful than existing solutions in the marketplace. The forward-facing device transmits footage of accidents and near misses via a secure 3G private network to a web-based interface with live email and SMS alerts, so a triggered event can be viewed almost immediately.

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PULL QUOTE: “By capturing footage of near misses and poor driving incidents, in addition to actual collisions, it is now possible to identify high risk employees”

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