Goodyear Launches New Light Tonnage Truck Tyres with increased robustness for all road conditions and vehicle types (diesel, hybrid and electric)

Twenty new 17.5" and 19.5" steer and drive axle truck tyres

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Uitenhage, April 11, 2018 - Goodyear is launching new KMAX S and KMAX D 17.5" and 19.5" steer and drive axle tyres to satisfy the customer need for robustness, versatility, good performance in all weather conditions and at low cost per kilometer.  The new tyres have further been developed for new drive modes such as hybrid and electric as well as conventional diesel power.  High mileage has been the specific development goal for these tyres while at the same time prioritising strong traction, precise steering and high levels of durability for vehicles operating over long distances in regional distribution and urban traffic.

The new KMAX S and KMAX D tyres will be available from April 2018 (see chart below).  They will replace the Goodyear RHS II steer tyre and RHD II (+) respectively and are based on proven KMAX Technology in combination with robust carcass construction.  Compared with the previous products the advantages that help reduce operating costs include high mileage performance in all applications, functional versatility in a wide range of services along with durability in adverse service conditions.  Both steer and drive designs comply with current and future known winter tyre regulations.  Low energy consumption, thanks to optimized rolling resistance, means cool running and improved fuel economy.

"The new tyres we are launching extend our successful KMAX high mileage range to meet the needs for customers operating lighter trucks with 17.5" and 19.5" rims.  These are extremely robust and versatile tyres, ideal for all road conditions and vehicles.  They also consider the development of new vehicles and technology that is increasingly seeing hybrid and electric power being introduced," said Benjamin Willot, Director Goodyear Marketing Commercial Tyres Europe. 

"KMAX tyres are for operators whose vehicles are predominantly involved in distribution where high mileage is the main economic requirement.  In combination with the wide range of fleet support services and solutions that Trentyre, supported by Goodyear offers, these products ensure peace of mind and profitable business." 


The KMAX S steer tyre tread pattern features a robust 4-rib design on 245/70R17.5 and 265/70R17.5 sizes, and a 5-rib design on all others.  Precise handing is a feature of these tyres thanks to a high net-to-gross ratio and inter-rib stiffeners.  The multi-radius saw-tooth shoulder groove designs provide improved robustness and a life-long aggressive design ensures even wear in all working conditions throughout the tyre life.  Good braking performance is maintained through all wear stages. 


The directional tread pattern on the KMAX D drive tyre improves traction thanks to its directional pattern with optimized low angle V-shape. Open grooves and blades assist with traction on all surfaces and shoulder tie-bars reinforce the ribs to provide tear resistance in high torque applications.  Optimized stiffness and an improved late life traction ratio come from progressive centerline humps.  An aggressive pattern remains until tread life end, thus ensuring high mileage, stable handling and good traction even when worn.

Both the KMAX S and KMAX D feature premium high abrasion-resistant tread compounds for extended mileage, cool running and optimized rolling resistance.  The strong belt structure of the construction resists impacts while providing comfort and durability.  The robust bead area further copes with a high variability of loads, giving durability and peace of mind for the user.

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