Gearing up for Euro 6


With the introduction of Euro 6 emission regulations as of Jan 2014, the European based manufacturers have been focusing on overcoming the technical challenges posed by these new regulations, writes Livingstone Mulaudzi, Head of Product Management at MAN

MAN Euro 6 engines need to run on 10ppm diesel or better. With the lower emission ratings being phased out around the world, manufacturers of heavy vehicles will devote less technical effort into the development and maintenance of older technology type of engines up to date. The availability or access to the cleaner diesel could ensure that truck operators can benefit from latest product innovations and improved fuel efficiencies.

In addition to improved fuel efficiencies (realised with Euro 5 and 6 emission norms), the progress made in engine development is also coupled to other advances in electronics which are deployed to monitor various aspects of the vehicle – resulting in higher vehicle productivity, improved operational efficiencies and much safer vehicles on the roads.

Cleaner fuel

In general, focal point of clean and efficient engines is on exhaust gas treatment systems or technologies, basic types being EGR and SCR systems. In the case of MAN, there are multiple technical strategies employed to make engines cleaner and more efficient. MAN has effectively employed EGR technology from as early as Euro 3 emission norm and in parallel introduced SCR technology from as early Euro 4 emission norm.

Both EGR and SCR technologies could be used independently to satisfy the emission control requirements up to Euro 5 level. The combination of cooled external exhaust gas recirculation EGR and the SCR system for selective catalytic reduction is an essential means of ensuring effective and reliable compliance with the Euro 6 limit value for nitrogen oxides (0.4 g/kWh).

The low-particle combustion performed by the MAN common rail injection system and closed particulate filter system CRT ensure compliance with the required reduction of particle emission levels (limit value: 0.01 g/kWh). Furthermore MAN engines use two-stage turbocharging and the low-temperature cooling system to increase engine efficiency and guarantee minimal fuel consumption.

In engines with EGR emission reduction technologies, the impact of high sulphur diesel is much higher, as the sulphur in the diesel can form sulphuric acid in the EGR system and can damage valves, pistons and injectors.

In light of this, correct and timeous servicing is vital to keeping the engines from exhibiting these problems. Similarly in engines which use very high pressure injection systems, impurities in the diesel can cause damage to the injectors, even with correct filtration.

MAN popularity

There are a number of reasons why MAN trucks are very popular in the market, amongst others, the following can be highlighted:

  • Class leading vehicle warranties and best in class fuel economy. The combined result of these two elements is a reduction in the overall total cost of ownership (TCO).
  • Strong aftersales support, which is enhance by a large dealer network / footprint in strategic locations and high availability of spare parts.
  • Innovative selling techniques, supported by business solutions such as MAN TopUsed and MAN Financial Services. The focus is on selling solutions on the basis of total cost of ownership rather than just the purchase of a vehicle.
  • Other business pillars such MAN ProfiDrive are also instrumental in instilling market confidence in the product and ultimately ensuring that optimal product performance is achieved through advanced driver training techniques.
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