Ed's letter July 2015

Opportunity knocks


Welcome to another jam packed edition of South Africa’s premier trucking and logistics magazine. It has been another busy time for the industry with new truck launches and favourable first quarter results for some of our logistics powerhouses.

I was lucky enough to attend the launch of the new UD Trucks Quester range - at Legends Golf and Safari - which is trying to make inroads into the mining and construction sector in Africa. With solid build quality and sound after-sales they do have a package to take seriously.

With the RFA Convention just around the corner we highlight some of the pressing issues and opportunities facing the industry. Syndicate Crime is undoubtedly taking a chunk out of the country’s GDP; with the theft itself, breakdown of the supply chain and security spend to curb future pilfering all adding up.

Companies are employing some advanced technologies to combat this scourge, trying to stay that one step ahead of the criminals, which is never easy. 

Famed PI Stan Bezuidenhout takes a closer look the impact and usefulness of social media in the fight against crime. You’d be surprised how something like twitter can be used for good and not just mindless profile updates to friends.

In keeping with the technological edge, trailer brakes and aerodynamics come under the spotlight, as companies look for any advantage to cover their bottom line better.

On a less positive note, it is alarming to see another rise in the petrol price. How much do you really want to milk the system before the cow goes on strike?

Government should consider the pockets of their citizens more than their own agendas at times. We should be making the most of lower fuel prices to help logistics companies that have been drowning under increased running costs as a direct impact of tax/fuel hikes. Not to mention e-tolls, which is not worth getting worked-up over again. 

There should be more than enough money made from the standard fuel tax to maintain all of SA’s roads without the need to toll. 

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