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Welcome to another edition of South Africa’s favourite trucking logistics magazine, as we round out an unforgettable 2016 for the industry.

In this, the fourth and final edition of the year we’ll be looking into the future for answers to our logistical challenges. Be they congestion on our highways or increasing maintenance costs on infrastructure and fuels for a cleaner future – there is certainly a lot to be excited about.

What might the travel of 2030 look and feel like? It’s not that far away, but companies are already predicting self-drive vehicles that may even take to the skies to alleviate some of the pressure on traditional road networks.

And speaking of road networks, I was lucky enough to chat to the inventors of a concept that could potentially revolutionise travel and the way we look after the environment. Roads made out of recycled plastic may be the way of the future, solving the problem of the high maintenance costs of traditional asphalt, together with providing a viable solution to the massive plastic rubbish problem we endure.

We urgently need to start looking at trash differently, as more than just a way to produce energy – which is the low hanging fruit from landfill sites – we need to see our waste as a commodity. A commodity that we have been wasting, pardon the pun.

Another hot topic, that is deep in the agenda of this particular edition, is the advancement of drone technology. The last two years has seen an explosion in the uses, and sadly abuses, of this technology. It has tremendous potential for the small parcel business and remote surveillance. My fear with drones is the safety aspect. On a recent film shoot the cameraman, who I was working with, was using a drone. However, when it flew past a cellphone tower it veered off into the bushes. So by no means believe that this is fail-safe technology. But then for that matter, can you call any technology fail-safe?

So as we peer into a future that may not seem as distant as before, what can we take out of a technological revolution that enhances our lives at work and at home, versus any negatives that may exist? Certainly, the logistics industry of 2016 is greatly enhanced by technology, from a variety of difference avenues. The logistics companies of today would run rings around previous generations, but we need to ensure that technology works for us.

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