by Gregory Simpson

Editor's Letter

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Transnet appears to be channelling more money into more meaningful infrastructure development of late, but one wonders where we’d be if billions had not already been wasted on the wrong sized locomotives, for example. There is a need for more high-speed rail networks like Gautrain, especially in Cape Town, where gridlock is suffered at times.

A high-speed rail link between Cape Town and Gauteng should also be looked into to cut down on the amount of air traffic. In places like France, you can travel the country on trains that reach 300mph.

It would be good for job creation and one could use the rail link for cargo to take the pressure off the overcrowded N1, N2 and N7. The Durban to Johannesburg route needs a high-speed rail link. With multibillion dollar price tags these are expensive undertakings, but will prove to be valuable assets, and in the modern business world where time is money, it is a must. High-speed rail is also kinder on the environment and safer.

This leads to the whole argument around global warming and climate change, and the effect of industrialisation. To my mind climate change is a natural phenomenon, which can arguably be manipulated by industrial pollutants. The effect is still up for debate.

I was lucky enough to be front and centre for the annual RFA Convention recently, which was held at the beautiful Arabella Country Club in the Cape, with all of the big players in attendance, covering the hot topics of the day. Look out for Gavin Kelly’s full report in this edition, and new Merc Actros which was on show for the first time.

Meanwhile, with President Cyril Ramaphosa completing his first 200 days in office recently, signs of improvement at various levels of the economy and government are clearly evident. It is inspiring to see the way he is going after corrupt officials who have, at times, had carte blanche to do whatever they pleased.

His keen business mind is seen to be working overtime, as he visits successful businesses, and highlights the good work done. One such visit was to the Volvo Trucks assembly facility in Durban, which is a big employer and skills developer in the region. We need to shine a spotlight on people and companies that are making a positive impact on the economy, which, according to reports, is doing better than expected.

With our shrewd President’s business mind and ability to see the bigger picture our GDP will begin to flow again, which will help bring debt down and help South Africa to take its rightful place as the powerhouse of Africa.

Unitl next time,

Greg Simpson

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