Crafted for your craft: The Crafter

Elevate your business with the Crafter. With its generous loading capacity and vast electronic safety systems, the Crafter will make sure you get the job done no matter what.


With its generous loading capacity and vast electronic safety systems, the Crafter will make sure you get the job done no matter what.

Built for the toughest jobs

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles understands you need to make sure your business is always taken care of. Essential safety systems such as ESP (Electronic Stabilisation Programme) combined with Brake Assist and Crosswind Assist, MCB (Multi-Collision Braking), TCS (Traction Control System), and EBD (Electronic Brake-force Distribution) all come standard with the Crafter. So whether you’re moving people, cargo or both, the Crafter works hard to keep them safely and securely on the road.

Lighten the load

With its 75 litre fuel tank, sturdy frame and generous loading capacity, the Crafter delivers no matter what. Boasting a capacity ranging between 9.9 m3 and 17.5m3, it can handle any load thrown at it. The Crafter also has one of the longest loading spaces in its class (up to 4.6m), meaning you’ll never have to leave anything behind. Furthermore, it will make even the heaviest load feels light with a payload of up to 2.5 tons* and torque of up to 340Nm.

*Additional/specialised equipment added to/removed from the vehicle can result in an increase/decrease in the unladen weight and consequently affect the payload. The payloads listed have been established using factory options or other tailored solutions that are not included in the standard scope of delivery and services. The actual payload of a vehicle, which is calculated by the difference between the gross vehicle weight and the curb weight, can only be established by weighing the individual vehicle.

Comfortably drive your business forward

Every detail in the Crafter has been meticulously crafted to ensure the comfort and safety of both driver and passenger.

The cabin ergonomics have been enhanced to ensure higher levels of practicality to support your crew.

Improvements include robust seat upholstery for durability, a revised instrument cluster and control panel as well as plenty of storage compartments.

All-in-all making sure the Crafter looks every part as professional as it performs.

To explore what the Crafter can offer your business, contact a Crafter Dealership today.

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