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Workers at the South African Post Office (SAPO) have been on strike for several months, leaving postal services struggling to “deliver” under tumultuous conditions that include violence and damage to property.

While many post offices around South Africa are currently being repaired after incidents of vandalism, some are still not operational and many are not yet working to full capacity. Efforts made by the SAPO and the Communication Workers Union to end the drawn-out national strike have included the Union revising their wage demand from 15 to eight percent, and demanding that casual workers be given permanent employment after 16 months rather than the 30 months that the SAPO has been proposing.

With all of these setbacks causing mayhem with our national postal service, it may be time to take a serious look at alternative transport for your goods around the country… and, indeed, beyond. After all, no one likes the idea of mailing something expensive, or important to business, and not knowing for sure that it will reach it’s destination. One efficient alternative is the use of a courier service.

A courier offers ordinary mail services but is distinguished by features like security, tracking, specialisation and individualisation of express services, coupled with swift delivery times (even overnight!). There are many different courier services out there, but you may need a little help to find one that suits your requirements; searching online and through the yellow pages can be frustrating and time-consuming.

And once you’ve searched and found an operator that seems suitable, quotes still need to be gathered, which means waiting on the phone for ages or emailing your request and waiting for responses. It is also inconclusive to compare courier rates at face value, as each company calculates their way of doing business differently.

A courier-finding service may be just what you need to complete all the hard work described above. All a user has to do to ship a parcel is to go online, add in the relevant info and wait for the site to link you to available couriers that deliver in that area. While such services have been available overseas for many years, they are fairly new in South Africa., an ecommerce service that went live on 3 November 2014, operates in just this way – by finding couriers that match the user’s selected route and requirements, and returning in just seconds with a list of prices. A CourierScout user can then compare available offerings, from Aramex, Fastway and CourierIT, and select a suitable provider.

Once chosen, the system generates an offer and the user simply enters their credit card details and pays. Sending a parcel and knowing it will reach it’s destination in the necessary time frame has never been this easy and convenient.

CourierScout is a single online application where end-users get instant quotations from numerous couriers for the parcel they wish to ship, saving them time while presenting options that allow them to choose the most cost-effective offer.

For more information on how CourierScout works, go to

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