Connecting Africa: Access and Mobility Foundation

SA to launch African transport foundation

Former Transport Minister S’bu Ndebele
S’bu Ndebele
Access and Mobility Foundation (CAAMF) to realise what it calls, “the practical renaissance of the continent’s needs through the mobilisation of both government and civil society, including business, around a common developmental goal”.
The announcement on Thursday (May 24) by Transport Minister S’bu Ndebele of the formation of the CAAMF is long overdue. It will hopefully put an end to all the political waffle and lack of political will that has dogged the realisation of a harmonised sub-Saharan continent, never mind an African Union, in which the cost of moving people and freight will be made less complicated and less costly than it is at the moment.
CAAMF is to be formed through a public-private partnership and will concern itself with the “vigorous development of a transport infrastructure knowledge base, engagement in leadership development and capacity building programmes for the transport infrastructure sector, the implementation of transportation advocacy programmes and facilitate the infrastructure and connectivity dialogue through conferences, exhibitions as well as intra-regional people to people travel and tourism”.
Ndebele was speaking at the14th African Renaissance Festival in Durban last week, which kicked off with a conference by the African Renaissance Youth Conference, which was over-subscribed.
The organisers had to fetch additional chairs as young people, some as young as fourteen years old, kept pouring relentlessly into the conference.
Ndebele said that in promoting the transport infrastructure of the sub-African region, the CAAMF would also focus on the issues of engineering, education, enforcement and transport and society as intricate parts of a successful transport infrastructure programme.
It would publish vigorously, establishing “a network of regional scholars in the fields of transport, tourism, sociology, development and anthropology, among others, so as to promote a better complementary connectivity among the people of our region through better self – knowledge”.
He said the CAAMF would benchmark itself against the best similar organisations around the world and be the “brain child of this assembly of the African Renaissance”.
To kick start the process of setting up the foundation, his department would call “a special African Renaissance colloquium” before the end of September, 2012, where the details of the organisational structure would be discussed.
Primary among the issues to be raised would be the implementation of the SADC protocol on transport, communications and meteorology, which carried “all our aspirations for access and mobility in the region”.
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