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Ford and Mazda announce future plans in South Africa

Ford and Mazda Announce Future Plans in South Africa

Ford Motor Company of Southern Africa (FMCSA) and Mazda Motor Corporation (MC) announced today that FMCSA has decided to return Mazda distribution rights for Southern Africa to MC. The transition is expected to take place in approximately one year.

The current global corporate partnership between Ford Motor Company and Mazda Motor Corporation on platforms and technologies remains unchanged. 

“Consistent with our One Ford plan to have a laser focus on the Ford brand as well as our continually expanding product portfolio in South Africa, we will move to fully dedicated Ford dealerships after the separation,” says Jeff Nemeth, President and CEO FMCSA. 

While the move allows FMCSA to fully execute and support the One Ford plan, the strategic decision to return the distribution rights will benefit both brands in the long term. The Mazda brand in South Africa will benefit from its own vision supported by a dedicated and focused team supplying new products going forward.

“Mazda and Ford have enjoyed a mutually beneficial relationship for many years in South Africa,” said Hiroshi Inoue, Executive Officer, in charge of New Emerging Market Operation, Mazda Motor Corporation. “Mazda will now have the opportunity to forge its own strategic direction in South Africa.” 

Mazda has obtained approval from their board of directors to establish a new National Sales Company in South Africa to take over the Mazda Sales and Service business from FMCSA. The company will also determine its own market representation strategy. Mazda’s BT-50 pickup truck will continue to be produced at the Silverton Assembly Plant by FMCSA for the new company after the transition. 

“FMCSA and MC will work together to ensure a seamless transition of the business to the new company, with a key focus on ensuring all existing and new Mazda customers continue to be taken care of and receive full warranty and service support,” says Nemeth.

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