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Becky Zimmerman: Always got your back


One such person is Becky Zimmerman, wife of Big Rig Bounty Hunters star Shawn Zimmerman who shot to fame on the History Channel. But she is no silent partner, often helping out with social media background checks and general help at odd hours of the morning, while still holding down a day job running a storage facility in Ohio and raising four kids.

To gain a better insight into the life of a truck driver/repo artist who spends many days away on the road, we caught up with Becky recently for more of the inside scoop on her long time husband Shawn Zimmerman, who is also going to be the star of our Critical Mass conference later this year.

When did you and Shawn meet?

Shawn and I were high school sweethearts.  We got together in high school and got married at 17 and we have four children together and a grandson so we’ve been together for a long time.  

What sort of changes have you seen in Shawn through the years – being the top bounty hunter now from a bit of a chequered past in the earlier days?

Shawn’s always had the repo in him even from a young age, he has always been one of those guys who were looking for that adrenalin rush and the repo business definitely gives that to him so I’m thankful for that.

And as a wife, do you ever get nervous with him going on some of these calls?

Absolutely, extremely nervous,  there’s times that he’ll go out and I try and get in touch with him and I don’t hear anything back from him and it could be hours, you don’t know what’s going on if it’s a very dangerous job for him.

Your first impressions when he first went out on a job and now as you’ve got more experienced – are you able to deal with it better?

Absolutely, when he first started repo’ing I was not into it, I was worried, I was scared, I didn’t want him to leave but over the years the whole family kind of gets involved in it at times. A job like that has to include the family, you all have to be part of it or it’s just not going to work.

So are you alluding to – when I spoke to Shawn he said your three boys are also helping him out sometimes so you’ve got the husband and the boys, that must be a real melting pot there?

Shawn can hold his own pretty well but you know my boys are my boys and I always worry about all of them, Shawn included but I know when they’re out with him they’re safe.

And the long hours, what advice do you give to other wives of truck drivers on how to deal with the long time away from your man?

You have to have some tough skin and you have to be willing to be by yourself a little bit, there’s weeks he’s gone sometimes, you get phone calls in the middle of the night and they’re needing help one way or the other so you have to have trust in them that they know what they’re doing when they go out there. 

It sounds like you’re a phone call away when it gets really sticky?

Absolutely, I get calls in the middle of the night sometimes when he’s having problems locating someone and I’m a real good social media hound, I’ve got four grown kids remember so I know how to deal with the research. 

What’s the best part of being married to a bounty hunter?

Well, I don’t ever have to worry about my cars being repo’ed.

And the American culture, the big consumer culture – you must obviously see a lot of repos going on these days?

There are always a lot of repos; that business will never go away, there’s always notes that need to be paid and not being paid.

You run a storage facility yourself, how much stuff do people hoard and what’s the funniest thing that you’ve found?

Honestly the oddest thing that we have found was a couple urns with ashes in them.  A lot of them that do go up for repo, they’re full of junk.  I believe its other trash that they just didn’t want to deal with. 

How are you reacting to the fame, has it changed family dynamics and Shawn himself?

Well it hasn’t changed the boys or anything and that is a fact, they are who they are – what you see on the television is what you get in real life with Shawn and Vince. 

And you’ve seen that relationship growing over the years with Shawn and Vince, what’s it like behind the scenes with those two?

I have known Vincent since I was probably fifteen years old when Shawn and I got together because they’ve been inseparable since they were very, very young, I want to say like five, they’ve been best friends and they still are.  He is like a brother or sometimes I feel like I’m a second wife, you know, I have to spoil him and lecture him just like I do Shawn sometimes, but that’s what we are, we’re a big family and we’ve got each other’s back all around. 

Would you do everything the way you’ve done it, if you could do it all over again?

You learn as you go and if you don’t make any mistakes you’re not going to learn anything so they’ve done it about the best I would know.  I wouldn’t change a thing.

What were your impressions of the other people on the TV show, there were a few kooky characters?

I have not had personal interactions with them but there are a few that you know Shawn and Vince may not have seen quite eye to eye with.  Shawn and Vince don’t have a filter so like I said, what you see is what you get with those two. 

And your impressions of Africa, South Africa?  We’re hoping to get Shawn and Vince over here for the big conference in February.

I’m excited for them; I’m hoping to tag along, too.  I’ve never been out of the country so it would be fun.

I am sure with your exchange rate it’s going to be fun.

Gregory Simpson


PULL QUOTE: “You have to have some tough skin and you have to be willing to be by yourself a little bit, there’s weeks he’s gone sometimes”

PULL QUOTE: “I get calls in the middle of the night sometimes when he’s having problems locating someone and I’m a real good social media hound”

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