Challenges facing the Transport and Logistics industry Optimal utilisation of vehicles, preservation of resources and increase of safety: This is how you master every situation
The Corona crisis poses extreme challenges for everyone in the logistics and transport sector: While some transport companies face an extreme decline in orders, some, for example
07 Apr 2020
MAZDA SOUTH AFRICA Mazda South Africa aiming to go from strength to strength in 2020
Changing the way South Africa sees vehicle manufacturers There is no hiding from the fact that new car sales in South Africa have taken a hit over recent years. Although the
10 Mar 2020
Transport Infrastructure Putting the spotlight on investment in transport infrastructure in Maputo this May
Transport infrastructure in Mozambique and its surrounding countries continue to attract attention, particularly the investment in its development or need thereof.  If it is
27 Feb 2020
Stop-start technology make sure your battery keeps up
Stop-start technology reduces fuel consumption and harmful emissions by reducing the amount of time the engine spends idling, especially when sitting in gridlocked traffic. And
25 Feb 2020
Waste Management Heavy transport industry urged to drive used oil recycling
The South African trucking industry is estimated to generate in excess of seven million litres of used oil every year. This is a vast amount of harmful contaminant that could
25 Feb 2020
Fuel New carbon tax is unconstitutional, should be challenged
The constitutionality of the new Carbon Tax Act, signed into law by the President on 1 June 2019, should be challenged on the basis of flawed procedural grounds. This is according
25 Feb 2020
Alfons Haar Taking control of fuel cocktails
We hope you had an opportunity to read our article in the RA 1st edition 2019. In this 2nd edition, we focus on curbing and preventing fuel cocktails and mixtures of auto fuels
25 Feb 2020
Opinion Piece South Africa’s economic crisis fuelled by struggling power utility
South Africa’s state power utility Eskom is the biggest challenge facing the country. Mess up Eskom, and you mess up the country. And it looks as though key players are
25 Feb 2020
New Tech Volvo launches electric trucks and buses for urban transport
Volvo Trucks announces the start of sales of its Volvo FL and Volvo FE electric trucks in selected markets within Europe, meeting the increasing demand for sustainable transport
25 Feb 2020
ELECTRIC MOBILITY Volkswagen launches electric mobility pilot project in South Africa
South Africa becomes the second country after Rwanda to  introduce Volkswagen electric vehicles in AfricaJohannesburg. Volkswagen has taken the first step in its journey
21 Feb 2020
Motoring Best looking VW of 2020?
VW T-cross 2020 R-line review, by Road Ahead editor Greg Simpson
06 Feb 2020
Foreword Dashcams useful for so much more than just social media
When most people think of a dash cam, they think of a simple set up with a recording device that saves to an SD card which must later be removed from the dashcam so that footage
22 Jan 2020
Editor's Note The Springboks and effective leadership
The recent Rugby World Cup in Japan has been a prime example of how South Africans can thrive by working together, and not pulling in different directions. With all the turmoil
22 Jan 2020
Fuel for thought: How viable are electric vehicles in south africa Is going fully electric really an option in 2019, or is South Africa still under-equipped?
Electric vehicles have been the talk of the town over the last five years, especially in developed parts of Europe and California, where legislation and Political Will have
22 Jan 2020
Crafted for your craft: The Crafter Elevate your business with the Crafter. With its generous loading capacity and vast electronic safety systems, the Crafter will make sure you get the job done no matter what.
With its generous loading capacity and vast electronic safety systems, the Crafter will make sure you get the job done no matter what. Built for the toughest jobs Volkswagen
22 Jan 2020


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